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1/4'' NAGRAVOX GENERIC Calibration Kit

1/4'' NAGRAVOX GENERIC Calibration Kit

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Calibrate your tape recorder with the most complete calibration kit. Compatible with any 1/4'' tape recorder.

• Can be used on any tape recorder (1/4'')
• Speed equalization: IEC 15ips ; IEC 7.5ips ; NAB 15ips ; NAB 7.5ips
• Standard level: 250 nWb/m
• Note 1: This GENERIC kit  caters for most commercial consumer machines that have 2 speeds but are setup in two different ways.
- Commercial machines that are set-up only at the higher speed on playback. There is no adjustment for the low speed levels or equalisation and they are hard wired derived from the high speed settings.  This means most of the popular Japanese, American and European made machines.
- Semi Pro and Pro machines where playback is set up separately at each speed. You need two playback calibration tapes. Generally for higher end later Japanese and American machines.
• Note 2: Calibration kits include appropriate instructions direct to customer when requested and online help/support.
• Note 3: An integral part of this kit is a new blank RECORD CHAIN setup tape, which you must order separately at the same time as ordering the calibration kit.
• Note 4: The playback calibration tape/s are 17 mins long length on a 7" reel with red leader tape, clear leader tape and warning labels (so it won't be mixed up or easily recorded over in error). On the tape, there are a plethora of appropriate length tones (the important ones are in minutes not seconds!) at calibrated levels with full commentary and explanation. Everything on the tape relates back to the detailed calibration manual notes and explanation, which is an important part and integral part of the kit.
• Note 5: Detailed Instruction Manuals are included and cover one specific model of Revox or Studer machine or the Generic manual, which covers in a generic manner most other Japanese, European and American machines. These are sent to you by our supplier via a simple download service as a PDF once you receive the kit. Generic manuals are not model specific.

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